Cold and Flu Season Is Here

Do you suffer from cold and flu every year? Perhaps you even get the flu shot and still find yourself with those same old symptoms, nose that runs like a tap, stuffy head and achiness.  Many people also suffer from secondary chest infections which make life even more miserable and take longer for them to get back to day to day activities. The common trap people fall into is not looking after their immune system, waiting until they fall ill and then medicating themselves with harsh over the counter drugs to simply suppress the symptoms so they can get back to their daily routine.  This does nothing to address the underlying cause, their immune system dysfunction.

Natural Medicine Can Help!
Why not arm your body with the right tools to fight infections before you’re even exposed to them? Herbs like Astragalus, Echinacea and Reishi mushroom can strengthen the immune system so your own body attacks the virus before it takes hold. Many people are also deficient in some of the vitamins & minerals which are essential for proper functioning of the immune system. For example, Vitamins C & D as well as zinc, can be supplemented if the diet is lacking. Does your diet measure up? Do you get 15 minutes of sunshine every single day to ensure you have adequate Vitamin D.  My immune stimulating plan might be for you.
Treatment Too?
Herbs and supplements can also help fight a cold or flu once it has struck. I have in stock at the moment a great Metagenics product called Andro NK which has a therapeutic dose of Andrographis which, alongside the herb Picrorrhiza and zinc, stimulate the body’s own immune cells such as natural killer and white blood cells to stop the virus in it’s tracks. It also contains Elderflower to break down the mucous congestion. They’re like cold and flu tablets from nature!

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