Healthy Eating Boring? Where You’re Going Wrong

It always alarms me when people complain or even joke about this issue of healthy eating being tasteless and boring. It need not be any of these things.  Some of our best natural flavour enhancers such as chilli and cocoa (in its pure form) are actually fat burning and there’s a multitude of other herbs and spices that can be used to flavour food which do not contribute to caloric intake. Some of these herbs and spices also have added medicinal benefits. Turmeric is highly anti-inflammatory, oregano is potently antimicrobial, peppermint calms the digestive system and garlic is an absolute powerhouse with it’s immune stimulating properties, broad spectrum antimicrobial activity and antioxidant action (due to it’s sulfur content) which prevents heart attacks, lowers cholesterol and contributes to liver detoxification. If you have trouble sticking to your diet there are plenty of options for adding flavour. It’s time to start a spice rack and grow some herbs!

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