Christmas often becomes a traumatic time of year for people who are undertaking a wight loss program because of the constant barrage and temptation of food that comes their way. Generally it’s not what you eat on Christmas day itself. I definitely think you should have a leave pass for your diet for that day, Read More

February often marks the time when New Years Resolutions, made with all the best intentions, tend to fall by the wayside and old habits start to rear their ugly heads. Old habits really do die hard so its a good time to refer back to those resolutions and decide whether you really do want, Read More

Up until a few short years ago people were taught, that in order to lose weight, they must reduce the amount of fat in their diet to next to nothing. Well what if that was no longer true? What if there were actual fats that help you lose weight? In fact, extremely low fat, Read More

Just finished watching the new FoodMatters film “Hungry for Change” which you can watch absolutely free for another 5 days. It is a must see for anyone who is overweight or has ever tried to lose weight by dieting. The film presents some radical ideas about the nature of the food and dieting industry, Read More

Let’s face it type 2 diabetes is now a common illness. If you don’t have the condition yourself you more than likely have a family history or know someone who does have it. According to Diabetes Australia it is the fastest growing chronic disease in Australia with 275 people developing the condition every day., Read More

Christmas is the time of year when the body can take a battering. Not only is December often filled with social engagements (and the drinking that goes along with it) but then comes the copious amounts of food that we are often compelled to eat. Well the good news is there are certain strategies, Read More

Inevitably the seasons change and spring turns to summer which is great for some because it means longer days, time outside and swimming. For others, it’s a dreaded time when they consider whether they can indeed fit into last year’s swimsuit. Which category do you fall into? It’s hard to lead an active lifestyle, Read More