What oil are you cooking with at home? The most common answer I hear is olive oil but is olive oil all it’s cracked up to be and is it the best oil to cook with. The answer is yes and no. The suitability of oils for frying has much to do with the, Read More

Christmas often becomes a traumatic time of year for people who are undertaking a wight loss program because of the constant barrage and temptation of food that comes their way. Generally it’s not what you eat on Christmas day itself. I definitely think you should have a leave pass for your diet for that day, Read More

Christmas is the time of year when the body can take a battering. Not only is December often filled with social engagements (and the drinking that goes along with it) but then comes the copious amounts of food that we are often compelled to eat. Well the good news is there are certain strategies, Read More