Weight Loss At Christmas – How To Have Your Christmas Cake and Eat It Too

Christmas often becomes a traumatic time of year for people who are undertaking a wight loss program because of the constant barrage and temptation of food that comes their way. Generally it’s not what you eat on Christmas day itself. I definitely think you should have a leave pass for your diet for that day because you are honestly not going to undo all your good weight-loss work just because you decide to partake in a piece of  pavlova one day of the year.  It’s all the pre and post Christmas events and gifts you receive that is the undoing of newly established dietary habits.  So if you manage to get though these events without too much over indulgence you are on your way to enjoying your food on Christmas Day without the pre-established guilt of the work party last week still hanging over your head. Then you can get back to your new routine shortly after.

Here are some tips for staying on track for the Christmas and New Year period:

  • Avoid over consumption of alcohol as it contains hidden  calories. If you do decide to have a couple of drinks to be sociable opt for light beer or choose soda water as a mixer.
  • Get involved in organising the work Christmas party so you can help choose the venue and/or menu.
  • Request to see a menu before you go to an event so that you can choose the healthier options.
  • Hold other social gatherings in your own home so you can prepare the food yourself or alternately take a healthy dish to other events so you can be assured there is at least one healthy option available.
  • Have a protein based snack before you leave home so that you are not ravenous when you arrive.
  • If people give you food as presents accept gratefully and find a new home for these gifts. You can either re-gift them or give them away to charity. You do not need the temptation in your home.
  • If you are holding Christmas day at your house try not to over cater in order to minimise leftovers. Politely decline if people attempt to give you leftovers.
  • Christmas can also be a stressful and/or emotional time. If you are an emotional eater stick to your diversionary tactics for dealing with your emotions.
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