Words of Kindness

Depositphotos_3299053_mDear Liz,
We could never thank you enough for helping us to bring our little baby Maddie* into the world. Your knowledge & dedication to helping us get healthy and overcome our fertility struggles was exceptional. We feel so lucky to have had a healthy pregnancy and a happy and healthy baby and we thank you for helping Maddie* to have this great start to life.
Kind regards,
Amanda* and James*


“I started seeing Liz last year for post natal depression, chronic fatigue and digestion after my 2nd child, I knew that medications were not the answer and something within my body required urgent attention. I had a great diet so Liz helped with balancing and restoring my organs and balanced out the post natal depression, the results were immediate, Not kidding those herbs are the bomb!!! I was amazed as had seen other health specialists and had not had the results like this. We kept up my treatment plan and now I am starting a detox with Liz, Thanks Liz you have helped in so many ways, but most of all restored my faith, hope and a sense of relief.”

“I have been going to Vital Spirit for over 2-3 months now. I feel better than before. They are very caring and nothing is a problem to fix. I completely trust Liz with what she says and shares with me. I feel a 100% better. Should have done it years ago.”



“I have really come a long way since you started treating me. At my heaviest I was 76.6kg and this morning when I weighed myself I was 68.5kg, Not to mention how much my state of mind and overall health has improved.  Thanks again for….all of the ways you have helped me.”


  Liz…thanks for helping me feel better than I have EVER!”


“Dear Liz, I would like to thank you for the genuine concern you have shown for my health and well being. Prior to meeting with you I was feeling very stressed and finding it difficult to cope with day to day activities without feeling stressed and anxious. I never knew stress and anxiety could have such a negative affect not only on me but on my entire life and those around me. I avoided social functions because I just couldn’t cope with people. Upon starting the herbal medicine I began to feel better within a short period of time and now almost 3 months later I can honestly say I feel like the ‘me’ I remember. I cannot tell you enough how much I appreciate what you have done for me. My husband loves having his wife back and so do I. My head is clearer and not congested, my breathing is back to normal and I don’t feel tense, I also find I am sleeping again and now just feel a great happy feeling all over. I love to socialise again and my confidence has come back.  I do have moments when I feel tense and I remember that I used to feel like that most of the time and after your help I know how to make that feeling go away. You have gone above and beyond what I would have expected from herbalist. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”


“After spending hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on specialist visits and medications, and being told numerous times that the doctors could not figure out what was wrong with me, I found Liz, who immediately gave me reassurance that I wasn’t ‘neurotic’ as the gastroenterologist had suggested! My symptoms were puzzling for doctors and I underwent a number of tests looking for lymphoma, liver disease, diabetes, coeliacs…the list went on…and all without answers! Liz has treated and successfully reduced my symptoms, which has improved my quality of life immensely. Liz is a wonderful, caring person who treated me with dignity, and spent the time with me to make sure that she covered all bases, to give me the best results. Thanks Liz, for all you have done!”

* Names changed for confidentiality